Git Repository Access

All JoNa's Customers are eligible to access the private git repository of the purchased item. Once you submit the form below, access will be granted instantly through Bitbucket.

(where to find it?):

Frequently Asked Questions

Git might get a little confusing for beginners. Here are some answers:

What is git?

In short, git is a source code management system that keeps tracks of software development and allows interactive collaboration.

Who is it for?

Access to my git repositories is intended for experienced and enthusiast developers who are familiar with git and would like premium access to the core development of my items.

What use it for?

Instant access to every git commits means that you get the latest features and improvements even before their availability on ThemeForest. You can also collaborate on the projects by forking each repository and offer pull-requests, as well as helping make the experience better by making use of the Issues Tracker straight on Bitbucket!

What items are available?

All my WordPress themes are available on git. More items will be made available soon, as well as any newly released item to come.

Where can I find my purchase code?

  1. Go to your Downloads page on ThemeForest
  2. Click on the "Download" button next to the item you purchased, and then click on the "License Certificate" link:
  3. Open the text file just downloaded, and look for the "Item Purchase Code".